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The founder “Congratulations!

The founder of Starz University, the Honorable Deputy Minister of Education of Liberia, Amb

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. Latim Dathong penned these touching words ahead of the University’s 3rd Annual Convocation Ceremony scheduled for Tuesday, March 17, 2020.
Let me say a big congratulations to all my children graduating from Starz University on March 17, 2020. You are well prepared and ready to take on any challenge in the real world.
Though I am not with you on a daily basis anymore because I am serving our country, I am beaming with pride.
My father who died last year on that very day is smiling down from heaven and celebrating each one of you. To the management team at the university, you have upheld a standard of excellence in my absence, thank you.
Congrats guys and I can not wait to see and hear some of the special things you will do in this world. I love you all (150 + graduates).”
Oh, did you know that Starz is now 10 years old? ☺️… Yeah, this year’s graduation theme depicts that:” CELEBRATING A DECADE OF EXCELLENCE”.

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