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Bachelor’s Degree
Project Management

How to Earn a Degree (Degree Type: Bachelor - Project Management

  • Complete 150 credits in total to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration

Financial Information and Semester Timeline

  • Please refer to the Admissions Office for financial information on the following:

    • Entrance Registration
    • Transfer fees
    • Credit hours charge
    • ID Card
    • ICT Resources Fee
    • Catalogue
    • Registration fee per semester
    • e-Library
    • T-Shirt

Project Management Program Overview

The National Commission on Higher Education accredited Starz as a tertiary level institution and licensed to offer Undergraduate programs in Liberia. The College currently offers several specialized ICT and engineering studies, including; a Bachelor of Information Technology with an emphasis in Networks & System Administration, Bachelor of Engineering with an emphasis in Telecommunications, a Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis in Management Information Systems, Bachelor of Communication with an emphasis in Broadcast & Media Studies, Bachelor degree in other business and arts disciplines such as Procurement & Logistics Management, Banking & Finance, Business Administration, Project Management, and Marketing Management. These disciplines comprise of a full eight academic semesters.

About Bachelors Degree in Project Management

The degree in Project Management is a four-year full-time study that provides students with relevant skills needed to successfully develop and manage the implementation processes of a project. The study also covers computer knowledge, communication, interpersonal, managerial and productivity skills. 

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for enrollment at the Starz College of Science and Technology :
  • Candidate must be at least a high school graduate or above
  • Candidate must hold a valid WAEC certificate or result
  • Candidate must have interest in IT
  • College will authenticate the accuracy of the data given
  • Candidate must register and successfully complete Starz Entrance and Placement exam
  • Candidate must be enrolled or has graduated from an institute of higher learning to obtain a direct transfer into the program. (No Entrance and Placement Exam needed)

Contact Info

For Admission Office

Admission Office, Starz University
Airfield Sinkor, Montserrado Co. 

+231 886-248-210

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

Requirements For Incoming, Current and Past Students

Application & Transfer Procedures

Freshman students
Current university students and graduates
  • Register for entrance and placement examination and pick up an Application package
  • Fill application form and submit with the following requirements:
  • One passport size picture
  • Package application in manila and hanging folders and submit before exam date
  • After exam’s result is released, candidates are required to submit the following documents: High School Diploma, Transcript, WAEC certificate, two letters of recommendation, Auto-biography (hand written), and Health Certificate from a hospital

Please submit the following items and documents to be considered for enrollment:

  • Provide original transcript from current university or university attended
  • One passport size picture
  • Submit all documents in a long manila and hanging folders
  • Two letters of recommendation. One from the high school, college or vocational training institution you last attended and the other from a guardian or relation.
  • Short essay: Maximum words count: 350-500 words auto-biography
  • Return application portfolio to: Admissions Office, Starz Campus, Airfield Sinkor, (Opposite Shark’s Business Center), P.O.Box 1040, Monrovia, Liberia
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Course Study Guide for program

  • Year 1 - First Semester
  • Year 1 - Second Semester
  • Year 2 - First Semester
  • Year 2 - Second Semester
  • Year 3 - First Semester
  • Year 3 - Second Semester
  • Year 4 - First Semester
  • Year 4 - Second Semester
First Semester

Year 1

Course NO

Course Title


ENGL 101

Freshman English I 3

MATH 107

Pre Calculus


ACC 101

Introduction to Accounting


FREN 101

French Grammar I


PHYS 101

Applied Physics


INFO 101

Computer Introduction


FO 100

Freshman Orientation


Total credits

Semester 2

Year 1

Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
ENGL-102 Freshman English II 3
MATH 108 Math for Decision-Making 4
ACCT 102 Introduction to Accounting II 3
FREN 102 French Grammar II 3
PHYS 102 Applied Physics II 3
GEOG 101

Global and World Issue

Total Credits 19
Semester 1

Year 2

Course NO

Course Title


ENGL 201

Sophomore English I 3
MATH 203 Calculus for Business Students 4
MANG 201 Principal of Management I 3
ECON 201 Principal of Economics I 3
ACC 201 Principal of Accounting I 3
PM 201 Principal of Project Management I 3
Total credits 19
Semester 2

Year 2

Course NO Course Title C/Hrs.
ENGL 202 Sophomore English II 3
BEN 202 Ethics / Morals & Customer Relation 3
MANG 202 Principal of Management II 3
ECON 202 Principal of Economics II 3
ACC 202 Principal of Accounting II 3
PM 202 Principal of Project Management II 3
Total credits 18
Semester 1

Year 3

Course NO Course Title  C/Hrs.
BA 311 Human Resource Management 3 3
BA 360 Business Finance and Booking 3 3
BA 362 Quality Management 3 3
BA 363 Organization Behavior & Structure 3 3
BA 634 Marketing Management 3 3
BA 341 Business and Economics Statistics-1 3 3
Total credits 21
Semester 2

Year 3

Course NO Course Title  C/Hrs.
BA 342 Strategic Inventory Management  3
BA 357 Business Law-I 3
BA 366 Management Theory & Practices 3
BA 369 Business Management & Administration  3
BA 365 Business Negotiation  3
ECON 342 Business and economics Statistics  3
Total credits 21
Semester 1

Year 4

Course NO Course Title C/Hrs.
BA 401 International Business Communication  3
BA 402 Financial Management in Business  3
BA 403 Public Relation & Professional Strategy 3 in Business Administration 3
BA 405 Business Policy & Strategy  3
BA 491 Business Research & Project  3
Total credits 18
Semester 2

Year 4

Course NO Course Title  C/Hrs.
BA 402 International Business Administration  3
BA 404 Project & Services Management  3
BA 411 Entrepreneurship  3
BA 492 Research/ Methodology/ Thesis 3
Total credits 18

Things To Know First

After admissions approval, all registered students should check at Starz information/front desk for available schedules for selection.

When To Apply?

  Application Deadline Results
First Entrance Exams November 1 December 15
Second Entrance Exams January 1 February 15
Third Entrance Exams January 1 April 1

Where to submit necessary documents?

Documents can be submitted to the below address :

Records & Admission Office,
Starz University, Opposite Sharks
Airfield, Sinkor, Montserrado Co.