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Faculty - Graduate School

The University remains committed to providing effective services, thus enhancing businesses efficiencies, schools’ productivities, and communities services in Liberia.

This is why we have always taken major steps forward in providing new high quality education facilities and faculty at Starz University. We have all the best caliber of professionals for graduate education.

Below is a list of some of our exceptionally qualified faculty. 


Below is a list of some of our exceptionally qualified faculty of the Graduate School. 



Dr ISAAC USUNG holds a PhD in Human Resource Management , 3 Master Degrees with specialties in Human Resource Management, Strategic Studies & Education Management/Administration with a Bachelor degree in Public Administration. Born in Nigeria on 2nd September 1974 as an ECOWAS citizen.


An Education Specialist with over 40 years’ experience in designing and managing education, and monitoring and evaluation systems; developing and implementing education policies, projects, donations, grants; and communicating...


Elias Shoniyin is a Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellow at the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, Yale University. He is an international affairs, development, public sector management, policy professional, and former diplomat, with over twenty years of experience in nonprofit and public service, in multiple senior positions where he made significant contributions to the post-war recovery and development of Liberia and Africa generally.

Rev. Dr. Joseph Tanou Flomo Kpoto, Sr.

An experienced professional with over 10 years diligent, dedicated and efficient service in education, churches and businesses with Excellent communication and human relation skills. A people driven manager and with many years of continues advancement and expertise in managerial and teaching skills.

Abraham A. Kiazolu, II

Associate Professor Abraham A. Kiazolu, II is a versatile and professionally ardent public sector development specialist with more than decade of experience in strategic planning, project management and capacity building across West Africa.

Dr. Bill Morris Gayflor

A real leader who can quickly gain the respect of any ICT team, co-workers and who has the confidence needed to effectively manage a large group of people. Dr. Gayflor understands the many modern challenges facing ICT departments and can be relied upon to help develop a business-wide ICT strategy in-line with a company's goals.