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We don’t just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career. We help them succeed in their career—to discover a field they’re passionate about and dare to lead it.

About Our University

Starz University is an accredited and Chartered higher education institution in the Republic of Liberia by the Commission on Higher Education that offers Bachelor’s Degree in (BIT) Systems Administration, Telecommunication (BEng), Management Information Systems (BA), Broadcasting and Media studies (BA) and (BIT) Database Administration.


Starz through its Business College offers the following Bachelor’s Degree, Business Administration (BA), Procurement and Logistics (BA), Marketing (BA), Banking and Finance (BA), Project Management (BA).

Starz also offers Master’s Degree in Information Technology (MIT) and (MBA) Seven different streams.

STARZ was established in the U.S.A. in 2007 and incorporated in Monrovia, Liberia, in July of 2009; with the objectives of addressing the technological and capacity building needs of Liberia.


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Starz University


We are setting a new standard for Education in Liberia 

Why Starz ?
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Why Starz University?

With our modern facilities and highly qualified instructors, we create the best environment for learning in Liberia. At Starz, we offer certificate programs, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in various disciplines. With an international testing center, our certificates and degrees are recognized and accepted worldwide.

Starz University was established for the public benefit and it is recognized globally. Throughout our great history, Starz has offered access to a wide range of academic opportunities including scholarships. As a leader in higher education, the university has pioneered change in the sector.

Self Development

Starz University encourages self-improvement and personal development of its students. Self-development can be anything, assuming it is being used to help you become the best version of yourself. Self-improvement and personal development can be anything that requires commitment and contributes to your specific goals and growth.

At Starz, we help our students by providing counselling and advice that can guide them to make positive decisions. Our students are well rounded because of the environment created for them.

100 % Practical Lessons

Starz University provides practical training to help students develop skills and abilities that support professional studies and prepare them for work later on. At Starz, our students get hands-on training and perfect their skills in live environments that enable them to start performing the first day on the job.

Graduates from Starz University brings added value to any organization because they are ready from day one due to the level of training they obtain from the University. At Starz, we teach you the concepts and then we show you how to apply them in the real world.


The Starz University Alumni Association is excited to announce Alumni Connect. This is a new community building platform for Starz’s alumni. It is the only place online where you can find, and connect with all Starz’s alumni.

The purpose of the STARZ Alumni Association (SAA) is :
To unite and promote fellowship among STARZ University alumni and friends;
To stimulate interest among potential students to attend STARZ University;
To honor alumni who have given outstanding service;
To promote continuing growth and development of Alumni

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Starz University is recognised as one of the best schools in West Africa. Earn your degree here and become a leader in your field.

Graduate & Professional Studies

Earn your Master's at Starz and watch your career blossom.

Scholarships & Financial AID

There are several academic scholarships and sponsorships available at Starz. Contact the financial office to learn about available opportunities.

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