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Starz University Board

Starz University Board of governors are appointed in a voluntary unpaid capacity for four years. They can resign at any time. The Board of Governors meets as often as business requires, which may be once a month, depending on the issues at hand.

Our Board of Governors has members with different skills, knowledge and experience. The success of the university is progressed by the whole Board of Governors working together in the best interests of our students.

Every governor of Starz contributes to the conduct of the university business. Starz University prides itself for having honorable men and woman that are major contributors to society serving on its Board.

Board Members

Our board members
Chairman of the Board of Directors & Deputy Minister of Education for Administration, Republic of Liberia

Mr. Da-thong holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MBA . He is also certified in the areas of Technology Education, Project Management, Nonprofit Management, A+, Network+, CISCO, and MCSA.

Has served on the Board of Advisors of Starz University since 2015. He is an experienced Independent Corporate Information Communication Technology (ICT) professional and consultant with over 30…

Dr. Francis Kateh is one of Liberia’s leading health professional and the Deputy Minister for Health Services, Chief Medical Officer Republic of Liberia . He earned a Certificate in Healthcare Leadership…

Mr. Brewer is a telecommunications specialist and an information security professional. He has worked in telecommunications services covering 10 states in the mid-west of the United…

Mr Tobii was appointed on February 9, 2018 to steer the affairs of the Liberia Telecommunications Corporation, a one hundred percent Government of Liberia owned business. He has worked with Starz University for over five years.