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The University

STARZ was established in the U.S.A. in 2007 and incorporated in Monrovia, Liberia in July of 2009; with the objectives of addressing the IT and capacity needs of Liberia. Starz University is Accredited and Chartered in Liberia by the Commission on Higher Education.

Starz University provides quality Technology, Business and Leadership Education. At Starz, Technology is our passion and education is our life.

As a certified partner to Microsoft Academy, Cisco, and IBM, the institution provides various IT services and solutions for schools, businesses, and a diverse range of customers throughout Liberia.

Starz is an accredited tertiary level institution in the Republic of Liberia by the Commission on Higher Education and offers Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s  Degree programs in various areas. 

The University remains committed to providing effective services, thus enhancing businesses efficiencies, schools’ productivities, and communities services in Liberia.




We owe to future generations to leave behind a Liberia that is far better than the one we inherited.

Amb. Latim Dathong Board Chairman/ Founder - Starz University

Cutting edge Training/Educational programs

Offering traditional academics training in different Technology and Business related courses such as; Microsoft Office Professional Suite, A+ (Hardware and Operating system Management), N+ (Networking Fundamentals), Information System Security Program, Digital Media and Video Production, Software Engineering (Programming), Cisco Networking, Microsoft Certified System Engineering/MCITP, Java Programming, Visual Basic, Oracle Database Administration, Certified Information System Auditing (CISA), Linux Power User & Linux System Administration and many more.

Corporate Training

The university also provides special and customized training programs for NGOs, Governmental Agencies, Private companies/institutions and individuals as per request using a curriculum tailored-made to the training needs of the beneficiary convenience.

Please be aware that all corporate training are specifically arranged to meet the clients’ convenience. Billing for such training programs is uniquely done by the office of the academic. Refer to the office of academic affairs for the arrangement of any such training.

International Testing Center

One of the biggest benefits we offer our students is the international testing center. The test center has been opened since October 13, 2010. The center provides students and businesses the opportunity to write and become professionally certified right here in Monrovia. Their certification will be internationally recognized. With that certification, they will have the ability to work anywhere in the world, including Liberia and the United States.

Our Customised Training Offers

Each training is geared towards a specific knowledge base required by the client. The best and most unique thing about us is our teaching and delivery methods. We strongly believe in practical application and giving our clients the hands-on experience they need.

Got some Inquires ?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. Please also call us or email us before visiting to make sure that you will be served with our best services.

+231 88 624 8210