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We continue to adopt new ways of teaching, new disciplines of study and new ways of learning. Your gift enriches the experience of all students by supporting efforts to recruit top faculty, expand academic programs and provide scholarships.

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Student Scholarships

Many young people in Liberia and around the world have a passion for learning. Sometimes the means to live out their dreams is the problem. In countries like Liberia, many of those dreams fade away quickly into distant memories because the resources just dont exist. We believe that many of the young people in Liberia are talented and can be difference-makers in society.

E.g. Ellen Johnson became Africa’s first female president, George Weah became the world best talent in football in 1995, Angie Brooks became the first female president of the U.N General Assembly etc. All Liberians with extraordinary contributions to the world.
There are more amazing talents in Liberia and your help can make them great contributors to the world. You can support as an individual or an organisation. All updates will be provided to you about the student/students you are helping. you can name a scholarship fund in your name or organisation. Every little help matters. Thank you for your generosity.

SU Sport Team

Starz University has one of the all-time best college basketball teams in recent memories in Liberia. The team has won several tournaments and have demonstrated the highest level of integrity while doing so. The University hopes to nurture a soccer team and a kickball team into champions as well.

Sports allow our students to have a healthy blend of learning and recreation. This combines health and academic growth for our young people. We are looking for support for our teams to ensure they are provided with the resources and equipment they need to perform at a high level. You can donate to the team in cash or kind through the office of our Atletic Director.

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Admission Office, Starz University
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Thanks to you, our students are gaining the knowledge, skills and values to create a more humane, just, and sustainable world.