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The STARZ University Graduate School of Business and Leadership’s MBA Program is designed to develop managers, professionals, specialists and entrepreneurs into responsible leaders, expert decision makers, strategic thinkers, effective communicators and stewards of society.

The Program is structured to be rigorous, as can be expected of a MBA program aspiring to achieve all international accreditations for business schools worldwide. It blends solid quantitative modules with personal development and leadership skills. Management tools and techniques from disciplines such as strategic management, economics, operations, finance and marketing are important core competencies envisaged of our graduates from the program.

This is balanced by competencies such as leadership, communication and understanding the role of adaptability, flexibility, self-awareness and contextual awareness – all of which are in high demand in contemporary business environment. One of the key differentiators of the MBA from STARZ compared to those from its competitors in Liberia is the emphasis on enterprising leadership, innovation, information technology and corporate networking with mix of modules focused on not just developing your responsible leadership skills that also allows you to develop your authentic leadership style, but it also gives you the opportunity to secure middle or top level management employment even before graduation, and the urge and drive for pursuing a professional certification program in your field of specialization to climax your journey for a successful career.

Things To Know First

before you apply for admission

Fill Application Form

Fill the Application Form Online or pick up one from Graduate School Admissions Office


Pay Application

A. Applicants applying online can optionally return filled in the application form to the Graduate School Records and Admission Office before paying application fees. But paper-based applicants are required to return filled in the application form to the Graduate School Records and Admission Office and pay a non-refundable application fee and obtain a receipt.

B.  After obtaining a receipt, the applicant has 10 days to provide all documents listed under requirements for review before an interview is scheduled


Attend Interview

Attend interview or evaluation for applied training program


Collect Acceptance & Admission Package

After approval, proceed to Graduate School Records and Admission Office to collect your admission package


Pay Tuition & Plan Classes

Return to admissions office for planning of class section