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Digital Entrance at Starz is changing how students do exams

By Latim Dathong — May 16, 2016

Game Changer: Starz College administer its first Digital Entrance today!

After several months of planning, perfecting and developing, Starz College today administered Entrance to hundreds of students via the computer. It was a huge success. Let me thank my Academic team, Technical team and Technology team for a splendid job.

Our young people were excited and relaxed because our proctors did a great job working with them. Those who had never touched a computer before had practice sessions and every one worked successfully.

The benefits of this game changing way of giving entrance are many

• Timing: The entrance is graded by the computer providing real time results
• This process eliminates human error, unethical behavior and ensure transparency
• Cost effective. Printing cost for thousands of paper is eliminated
• Prevents Cheating: The questions are randomize by the computer, given each candidate a different test e.g. Sarah #1 is John #9

• Disputes are solved because a full review of a candidate exam can be carried out. Anyone challenging their results will have the opportunity to see where they went wrong.

All Students who wrote today will join the rest of our students and start registration for classes on Monday Morning. Technology is our Passion and Education is our life.


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