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Starz University ThinkingStormTutorial provides a range of free services to students in order to assist them in their academic success towards graduation.


Writing Center—Additionally, ThinkingStorm offers tutoring support in writing. Live tutors are not available for writing, but students are able to submit their written paper for a tutor to review it. Editors provide feedback on completed papers within 48 hours. Comments are given on thesis strength, supporting evidence, organization, and grammar. Writing tutors do not correct student papers for them. Instead, they use Socratic Questioning and provide comments to guide the student in their writing development.


Students receive their papers according to the below page amounts related to the paper length.


1-2 pages = 15 minutes

3-7 pages = 30 minutes

8-12 pages = 45 minutes

13-17 pages = 60 minutes

18-22 pages = 75 minutes

23-27 pages = 90 minutes

28+ pages = 15 minutes per 5 pages


The college highly recommends that all Junior and Senior students take advantage of the Starz ThinkingStorm Services. To learn more about the Starz Thinking Storm Services and how to participate in the process, please visit our website at or call us directly at +231 886248210.

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