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The president of STARZ speaks out on Educational Ethical Standards

February 10, 2016   |    5 likes

It was another day in the life of Amb. Latim Dathong, the president of Starz College of Science and Technology. On this day he reflected on the many challenges the nation’s educational system faces.

He also singled out the need for improved ethical standards and the support from all including parents, to ensure a “corrupt free” education in Liberia.

He spoke of the following: Help us help you get a “Corrupt Free” education.

Amb Dathong said, “Starz College of Science and Technology prides itself for not just quality education, but also having the highest of ethical standards. We believe as an institution, we have an obligation to ensure that Starz students are getting education free of any of the following

A. Sexual harassment
B. Money for grades
C. Direct treats about student outcome
D. Bribery etc.

We have put so many different measures in place to ensure that our students or faculty are not subjected to any of these things. But in every case, there are always people who believe they can beat the system.

This is where the public comes in (Parents, guardians, students etc.). If you are experiencing any of these things from staff members or faculty, it is your duty to let us know. We have an ‘Ethics Committee” on campus, administrators are available and I can be reached by so many media including this one.

Please help us do our jobs. All my students know that I do not compromise on any of these things.

Technology is my Passion and Education is my life.”