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Starz launches its campaign against Ebola Virus “Kick Ebola out of Liberia”

August 11, 2014   |    3 likes

Starz in partnership with Shark’s Ice Cream and L’Avion Bar & Restaurant join hands to assist families in various communities in the combat against the deadly Ebola virus in Liberia.

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The group distributed free sanitation kits to families of several communities in Montserrado County, on August 9, 2014.


Speaking, the President of Starz College of Science and Technology Mr. Dathong said, “I feel obliged as a patriotic citizen to help families with basic protective materials. The Ebola epidermic is a serious concern, and that’s why i am working with Mrs. Harding of Shark’s Ice Cream (a friendly neighbor to Starz), Mr. Kenton of L’Vion and other community members to gather necessary protective materials for families who can not afford”.


Mr. Latim Dathong also spend time thanking the following contibutors:

The Ambassador of African Union

Mr. Boersen Hinneh

Mr. Mr. Paul Newon

Mr. Telebee M. Kamara

Miss Yanumbe Marjean

and members of Starz and shark’s work force.


It is cleared that this action is taken in an effort to help us take precautionary measures in fighting this disease.

It can also be recorded that the College recently partnered with IPED and launched study program in Oil and Gas Management in Liberia.