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Starz Launches Advance Training in Programming (Software Engineering)

November 14, 2013   |    2 likes

Today has been honored with another milestone achievement for Liberians and individuals living within the borders of this nation.

The Administration of Starz today announced through it’s bulletin that the College will begin offering an advance course in Software Engineering.

A course which is geared toward preparing students to work with various programming languages and for the most part; learn how to create their own applications.

This course covers all aspects of Software Development life cycle. Practical approach is used which gives participants hands-on experience in the analysis, design, development, testing, deployment, implementation, support, documentation and end-user training on software application. The course will also prepare the student for international recognized professional certification in Microsoft, ORACLE and GUPTA/UNIFY Technologies.  Key focus of the course is self-employment, national and international employment on graduating. STARZ will encourage sub-contracting services or employment for exceptional graduates.

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • analyze user requirements
  • design software functional specification
  • develop software to meet user requirements
  • test software application
  • install software developed
  • implement software
  • document user guides and
  • train user on software developed

After the launch, the President, Mr. Dathong affirmed that Starz will work in ways and by the grace of God to continue providing quality and sustainable education for the people of Liberia. He also stated that  the College are working towards expending its arm across the country.