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Starz College of Technology


May 17, 2016   |    0 likes
Starz College of Technology


Overview: The Starz for High School (SHS) program offers free College preparatory education to High School students. It aims to help High School students; especially Senior Students experience a gentle transition into College/University. Learn about College/University life and complete courses that are transferable toward College graduation credits at Starz.

Target audience: 10th to 12th graders and recent High School graduates
Venue: Starz College of Science and Technology
Registration period: May 11 to June 7, 2016
Registration fee: US $ 15.00 only
Tuition fee: FREE

1. Proof of High School Status
2. One passport-size picture
3. One letter of Recommendation (School or community)
4. Complete an application form
5. Submit in a manila and hanging folder

Question: can I earn College credits while still in High School?
Answer: yes, simply by enrolling into the SHS program at Starz

Question: when does registration for SHS starts?
Answer: Registration for SHS is ongoing and ends on June 7, 2016

Question: how much does the program cost?
Answer: it’s free, because we believe in improving the Liberian child. You are not just another dollar to us.

Question: where can I complete the enrollment process to be part of the Starz for High School program?
Answer: visit any of the Starz campuses, show proof of your High School status and pay a flat registration fee of US $15.00

Question: can I enter Starz as a full time student after the Starz for High School?
Answer: yes, however, you will be required to complete all enrollment requirements including the Entrance and Placement exams

Question: must I enrol into this program before applying to be a regular student at Starz after High School graduation?
Answer: no, this program is an option for students to fast forward their College education. Meanwhile, Starz still accepts any student once you are eligible for admission regardless of your participation in the Starz for High School program.

Question: when will SHS classes begin?
Answer: classes will commence on June 8, 2016