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First Entrance and Placement Exams administered for Starz College Students

June 2, 2012   |    0 likes

150 High School graduates sit Starz College Entrance and Placement Exam as today marks the official day Starz College Administers its first entrance and placement exams for students seeking to study Information and Communication Technology at the College.

The exam was offered to over 100 students whose vision is to become Liberia’s finest IT professionals. The results from the entrance will determine the admissions entry level of students into the program; such as, full Admissions, Remedial, or College Preparatory.
Full Admissions: students pass both subjects administered for the exams. Remedial: Students fail one subject administered. College Preparatory: Students fail both subjects.

Results from the entrance will be released Monday, June 11, 2012 at 9:00am. After release of results, all students should follow the following procedure:

1. Record the number assigned to your name on result list.
2. Package the following documents, (Health Certificate, Copy of Diploma from high school, Transcript, 2 letters of recommendation from past school and relative or guardian.
3. Submit the documents to Admissions office in a manila folder and a hanging folder.
4. Collect Admissions letter from Admissions office Message from the President of Starz College of Technology (Mr. Latim Da-Thong).

I want to thank everyone including Mr. Jerry Yogboh, Cooper Leamah, II, Marcus Lee, Alford, Favor R. Joe, Joe Dartus and Telebee Kamara who helped to administer Starz first examinations for new students. I also want to encourage all students and parents of those students to prepare for what will be Liberia’s best ever IT degree program. I kindly welcome all IT professionals and Liberians to join the team at Starz to make this a benchmark in our nation’s educational sector.

Long live Liberia, long live the people and integrity of this nation. Thank you.


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