I.T. Capstone

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Starz IT Capstone/Research Project

IT Capstone/Research Project at Starz College is about preparing graduating Seniors in making their final presentation before an Independent Review Board. It helps students in designing a project from start to bottom, and direct them in every way to success. The process is intensive but there are supervisors along the way to lead each student.

Also, It is a complex assignment that involves many steps and serves as a “culminating academic and intellectual experience…at the end of an academic program.” The term comes from architecture: A capstone is a final stone, usually flat, that is laid at the top of a wall or building to protect it and to symbolize it is finished. A capstone experience is the final “stone” laid on an education that symbolizes the completion of a program and the peak of accomplishment. In addition, it allows your teachers, peers and future employers to recognize your competency.

All I.T. Capstone candidates are required to adhere to the following important dates for submission of papers:

  • Submit the First Draft on October 16, 2017
  • Submit the Second Draft on November 6, 2017
  • Submit the Third and Final Draft on October

Use the “Submit Research Project” button below to submit your draft.


Starz IT Capstone/Innovation Project

Details coming soon


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