Honors Society

Starz University

The Starz Honors Society membership is earned by student’s exemplary display of talents and academic excellence. The admission into the Starz Honors program is by invitation-only from the Research & Development Department and requires nomination approval by the President of the University.

Vision and Values

The Starz Honors Program has a national reputation for rigor and creativity of our program and quality of our students, who are bright, enthusiastic, and intellectually curious.


Starz Honors Program values student that are motivated academically and interested in immersing themselves in a strong and learning community. We challenge students by:

  • Promoting supportive learning environment through engaging small courses, which allow Honors students to create meaningful relationships with professors.
  • Creating interdisciplinary Honors curricula that encourage coursework inside and outside of students’ majors.
  • Providing students with different academic pathways through the General Honors Award, the Honor Degree and Honors Degree with Distinction.
  • Preparing students for competitive graduate programs and supporting students in their pursuit of International scholarships.


The Starz Honors Program (SHP) encourages students to expand their studies by pursuing educational opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom and giving back to the community around them. We enrich the student experience by:

  • Promoting Study Abroad programs specifically for Honors Students
  • Sponsoring service learning and volunteer work
  • Providing research opportunities in Technology


SHP values the importance of engagement believes that a welcoming community creates successful students. We foster community by:

  • Creating volunteering options reserved for Honors Program students, serve as mentors who plan events for the community and acts as an academic resource.
  • Encouraging collaboration between Honors Program students.
  • Inspiring each Honors Program student to become a vibrant scholar with the largest community.

Requirements and Expectations

The Honors Programs also nurtures excellence in select students who are highly motivated, talented and gifted, and who demonstrate a commitment to the learning process in reaching their potential to become scholars, leaders and role models. The program is designed to enhance the success of student scholars at Starz University. Its initiative and activities concentrate on the growth and development of students’ intellectual, ethical and leadership skills.

The Honors Program is for SERIOUS and SELF-MOTIVATED students selected as second-semester Freshmen or Sophomores.

Application deadlines: Application ends the 2 week of the second semester of each academic year.

Criteria For Consideration

  • Application
  • Interviews
  • Background Checks/Vetting
  • Continuing Starz students who are second-semester freshmen or 1st-semester sophomores
  • Continuing Starz students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25
  • Successful completion of at least 15 hours (continuing freshmen), or 30 hours (sophomores)
  • Transfer students will be considered on a case by case basis
  • Community Service Commitment
  • A 300-word academic essay
  • Induction Ceremony

Requirements To Stay In:

  • Maintain a cumulative 3.25-grade point average or you will be placed on academic probation within the program or dismissed from it.
  • Perform 15 hours of community service every semester
  • Actively participate in the Honors Scholars Projects each semester

To be considered a “graduate” of the Honors Program, students must have completed the following:

  • IT Capstone/Innovative Senior Project (ICISP) – students must complete an original research project. It will be presented at the “Senior Night of Excellence” to the Starz College community.
  • Personal Statement – all seniors must compose a personal statement for graduate/professional school, whether they apply or not. A copy will be kept in their file for future reference.
  • Letters of Recommendation – students should get at least three letters of recommendation from professors or those who can vouch for their academic performance. If possible, copies of those letters will be kept in their HC file for future reference.
  • Résumé – students will be required to complete a resume based upon their collegiate career under the advisement of the director of the Center for Experiential Learning and Career Development.
  • Internships – students will be encouraged to seek internships annually, beginning in their freshman year.
  • Community Service – students must have completed at least 120 hours of DOCUMENTED community service. (Community service logs should be kept each semester and turned in at the end of each semester.)

By the time you complete college, you will have:

  • Completed an original IT Capstone/Innovative Senior Project (ICISP)
  • Composed a personal statement for graduate/professional school,
  • Letters of recommendation which can vouch for your academic performance
  • Determined career possibilities and practical living needs
  • A record of community service and involvement

Activities of Honor Society at Starz:

  • Visit the Innovation Lab every Monday & Friday
  • Volunteer at Schools in the Community
  • Assist with Starz Online Tutoring Program with direct supervision of the Director of Communication Department.

Projects of Members of the Honors Society:

  • E-magazines for Starz University
  • E-News Letters
  • Write Software
  • Develop programs

Calendar of Events for Starz Prospective Scholars



Benefits of Starz Honor Society

  • Members receive 18% discount on tuition
  • International fellowship
  • Receive the Starz Honor Society dress coat free of charge and wear them every First Monday.
  • Medal for Souvenir (Starz Prestigious Awards)

Application form

Student Classification

Note: Transfer students will be considered on a case by case basis

Anticipated Graduation Year


Culmulative GPA

Number of Hours Completed

Applicant Information

Student ID


First Name

Middle Name (optional)

Last Name

Permanent Address


Student Email

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Note: Essay not to exceed 300 words. PROMPT: In your opinion, what does it mean to be a scholar?

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