Bachelor Degree in Management Information Systems

Starz University


The College Program

The National Commission on Higher Education accredited Starz as a tertiary level institution and licensed to offer Undergraduate programs in Liberia. The College currently offers several specialized ICT and engineering studies, including; a Bachelor of Information Technology with an emphasis in Networks & System Administration, Bachelor of Engineering with an emphasis in Telecommunications, a Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis in Management Information Systems, Bachelor of Communication with an emphasis in Broadcast & Media Studies, Bachelor degree in other business and arts disciplines such as Procurement & Logistics Management, Banking & Finance, Business Administration, Project Management, and Marketing Management. These disciplines comprise of a full eight academic semesters.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for enrollment at the Starz College of Science and Technology:

  • Candidate must be at least a high school graduate or above
  • Candidate must hold a valid WAEC certificate or result
  • Candidate must have interest in IT
  • College will authenticate the accuracy of the data given
  • Candidate must register and successfully complete Starz Entrance and Placement exam
  • Candidate must be enrolled or has graduated from an institute of higher learning to obtain a direct transfer into the program. (No Entrance and Placement Exam needed).

Application procedure for freshman students

  1. Register for entrance and placement examination and pick up an Application package
  2. Fill application form and submit with the following requirements:
  • One passport size picture
  • Package application in manila and hanging folders and submit before exam date
  • After exam’s result is released, candidates are required to submit the following documents: High School Diploma, Transcript, WAEC certificate, two letters of recommendation, Auto-biography (hand written), and Health Certificate from a hospital.

Transfer Procedure & Requirements for current university students and graduates

Please submit the following items and documents to be considered for enrollment:

  • Provide original transcript from current university or university attended
  • One passport size picture
  • Submit all documents in a long manila and hanging folders
  • Two letters of recommendation. One from the high school, college or vocational training institution you last attended and the other from a guardian or relation.
  • Short essay: Maximum words count: 350-500 words auto-biography
  • Return application portfolio to: Admissions Office, Starz Campus, Airfield Sinkor, (Opposite Shark’s Business Center), P.O.Box 1040, Monrovia, Liberia

How to Earn a Degree (Degree Type: Bachelor Science (BS) Concentration: Management Information Systems)

  • Complete 153 credits in total to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems
  • Complete 76 credits in total to earn an Associate’s degree in Management Information Systems
  • Complete one International Certification Exam before graduation

      Jobs Areas

  • Applied Management Analyst
  • Applied Statistics
  • Business and Operations Research Analyst
  • Computer Security Specialist
  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Computer Systems Design and Related Services
  • Production and Inventory Manager
  • Risk Analyst
  • Systems Analyst
  • Business Manager
  • etc.


Course Guide

Freshman Year

First Semester
Course No.Course TitleCredit Hours
ENGL 101Freshman English I3
MATH 107Pre-Calculus4
FREN 101French Grammar I3
INFO 101Computer Introduction3
FAO 100Freshman Orientation - STEP1
PHYS 101Applied Physics3
ACC 101Introduction to Accounting I3
Total Credits18/20
Second Semester
Course No.Course TitleCredit Hours
ENGL 102Freshman English II3
MATH 108Math for Decision-Making4
FREN 102French Grammar II3
ACC 102Introduction to Accounting II3
SOSC 101Liberian/African History3
PHYS 102Applied Physics II3
Total Credits19

 Sophomore Year

First Semester
Course No.Course TitleCredit Hours
ENGL 201Sophomore English I3
MATH 203Calculus for Business Students4
INFO 201Computer Concepts & Hardware4
ECON 200Principles of Economics I3
LAW 221Business Law I3
MKTG 201Consumer Behavior3
Total Credits20
Second Semester
Course No.Course TitleCredit Hours
ENGL 202Sophomore English II3
ECON 204Principles of Economics II3
BEN 201Ethics / Morals and Customer Relation3
FIN 202Introduction to Finance3
MKTG 200Customer Service3
SCM 300Introduction to Supply Chain Management3
Total Credits18

Junior Year

First Semester
Course No.Course TitleCredit Hours
MGMT 331Principles of Management3
BIS 309Organization Behavior3
MKTG 307Marketing Principles3
LAW 305Business Law II3
INFO 307Communication System/labs4
ECON 313Business & Economic Statistics I 3
Total Credits19
Second Semester
Course No.Course TitleCredit Hours
HRM 306Management of Human Resources3
RSR 300Research Methods3
ATM 314Online Banking & Electronic Payment3
ENGR 286Introduction to Database3
INFO 343Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)3
MGMT 361Entrepreneurship3
Total Credits18

Senior Year

First semester
Course No.Course TitleCredit Hours
INFO 355E-Information Technology (E-commerce I)3
FIN 403Taxation3
ODB 405Information Security for E-business3
BIS 466Business Strategy3
MKTGAdvertising/Sales and Promotions3
ENGR 368Database II3
MGMT 401Marketing Management3
Total Credits18/21
Second semester
Course No.Course TitleCredit Hours
INFO 491Capstone /Research Final Project4
MKTG 406Marketing Strategy3
MIS 478Management Information System3
LAW 404Cyber Security3
BIS 450Developing Business Portfolio3
INFO 421Internship3
Total Credits18