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Chevron/Starz Career Development Program

(STEP) Starz Transitional Environment Program (STEP) The Freshman Transition Project through the Starz College of Technology is a statewide program designed to help incoming freshmen make a successful adjustment into college life. Faculty advisors train a team of upperclassmen in a variety of leadership and facilitation skills. The student leaders then co-facilitate monthly “Learning Station” activities for all freshmen on topics such as decision making, problem solving, time management, active listening, communication, and relationship building. Freshmen work in small groups with the same student leaders over the course of the year to create a sense of belonging and community spirit within each small group.

CAREER DEVELOPThe Starz Transitional Environment Program (STEP) makes transitions easier for all students at Starz College of Technology not just for degree students. STEP is an intervention program to support students at Starz transition in the technology program since information technology is not part of the national curriculum. STEP redesigns the college environment to make school transitions less threatening by reducing school disorganization and restructuring the role of the homeroom teacher. The program does not require whole school reform, and thus is less costly Counselors help students choose classes, counsel them on school and personal problems, and communicate with their parents/guardians if needed. All students involved in the program attend the same core classes. Classes are physically close together to help participants develop stable peer groups and become familiar with the school.

Help Programs:

  • Early computer literacy program
  • Mentorship
  • Learning time management
  • Active learning and relationship building

(SCRP) Starz Career Ready Program Starz College of Technology has embarked upon a campus-wide initiative to become the leading entrepreneurial institution and to dramatically change the landscape in career readiness for Liberian students. Our quest to literally change the culture of the College to become truly entrepreneurial includes five elements:

  • Open the door of the College to any major to obtain a six weeks course sequence in basic computer technology principles, thereby making Liberian students to be more career-ready.
  • Place entrepreneurs-in-residence in our program so students can learn in and out of the classroom directly from those who have created jobs and promoted economic growth.
  • Create deliberate partnerships between students in the College (students who wish to take ideas to the marketplace) and professional (students who are generating innovations).
  • Create greater opportunities through investment in basic technology education.
  • Create an avenue by which the College supports students who create start-ups while enrolled as a student.

Help Programs:

  • Find internships for students
  • Resume Writing
  • Exploring Career Options
  • Student Exchange Programs
  • Job interview Skills
  • Research Tips
  • Possible Job Placement
  • Employment skills
  • Mock Interviews
  • and more …

Policies and Procedures

Your help is much needed to make the Center operates smoothly. Please pay attention to the following guidelines: Appointments:

  1. Be on time
  2. Bring neat copies of assignments, any direction by the instructor, and any other related materials (textbooks, notebooks, paper  etc. )
  3. Walk-ins are not allowed
  4. Schedule an appointment to get the best help you need and to improve our services

Conduct and Honesty

  • We expect all students to be responsible and respectful to themselves and to others.
  • Students will not be allowed to make noise in class, eat or rudely disrupt classes. If one must talk, please speak in low voices
  • Put off your cell phones in sessions.

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