Bachelor of Communication

Starz University


The College Program

The National Commission on Higher Education accredited Starz as a tertiary level institution and licensed to offer Undergraduate programs in Liberia. The College currently offers several specialized ICT and engineering studies, including; a Bachelor of Information Technology with an emphasis in Networks & System Administration, Bachelor of Engineering with an emphasis in Telecommunications, a Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis in Management Information Systems, Bachelor of Communication with an emphasis in Broadcast & Media Studies, Bachelor degree in other business and arts disciplines such as Procurement & Logistics Management, Banking & Finance, Business Administration, Project Management, and Marketing Management. These disciplines comprise of a full eight academic semesters.

About Bachelors of Communication: concentration in Broadcast and Media studies

The Broadcast & Media studies track introduces students to the methods and techniques used to create visual messages in a variety of media.  Beginners and advanced courses in theory and practice of film, television, radio and production, provide students with a rich understanding of the beauty and techniques of media production and prepare them to function as professionals in different media fields.

The practical environment provided for the program, allow students hands-on practice in television and Radio studios, film theatre & and several digital video and audio editing labs

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for enrollment at the Starz College of Science and Technology:

  • Candidate must be at least a high school graduate or above
  • Candidate must hold a valid WAEC certificate or result
  • Candidate must have interest in IT
  • College will authenticate the accuracy of the data given
  • Candidate must register and successfully complete Starz Entrance and Placement exam
  • Candidate must be enrolled or has graduated from an institute of higher learning to obtain a direct transfer into the program. (No Entrance and Placement Exam needed)

Application procedure for freshman students

  1. Register for entrance and placement examination and pick up an Application Package
  2. Fill the application form and submit with the following requirements:
  • One passport size picture
  • Package application in manila and hanging folders and submit before exam date
  • After exam’s result is released, candidates are required to submit the following documents: High School Diploma, Transcript, WAEC certificate, two letters of recommendation, Auto-biography (handwritten), and Health Certificate from a hospital

Transfer Procedure & Requirements for current university students and graduates

Please submit the following items and documents to be considered for enrollment:

  • Provide original transcript from current university or university attended
  • One passport size picture
  • Submit all documents in a long manila and hanging folders
  • Two letters of recommendation. One from the high school, college or vocational training institution you last attended and the other from a guardian or relation.
  • Short essay: Maximum Words count: 350-500 words auto-biography
  • Return application portfolio to Admissions Office, Starz Campus, Airfield Sinkor, (Opposite Shark’s Business Center), P.O.Box 1040, Monrovia, Liberia

Financial Information and Semester Timeline

Please refer to the Admissions Office for financial information on the following:

  • Entrance Registration
  • Transfer fees
  • Credit hours charge
  • ID Card
  • ICT Resources Fee
  • Catalogue
  • Registration fee per semester
  • e-Library
  • T-Shirt

How to Earn a Degree (Degree Type: Bachelor of Communication, concentration in Broadcast and Media Studies)

  • Complete 143 credits total to earn a Bachelor of Communication
  • Complete 70+ credits in total to earn an Associate Degree
  • Complete one International Certification Exam before end of the fourth semester

Additional benefits

  • State of the art theater and media studio
  • Our on-line station provides students with the opportunity to create their own audio programming. Music, information, news and other programs.
  • TV AND PRODUCTION – Our collection of professional High Definition cameras, lighting and audio equipment provides students with training at the highest standard.  
  • Students will write, produce, edit and direct across a variety of genres and media lines. Starz College professional television studio gives you a space to experience live television production in a multi-camera setting.

Course study guide for program

Year 1

First Semester
Course No.Course TitleCourse Hours
ENGL 101Freshman English I3
FO 100Freshman Orientation (STEP)1
FREN 101French Grammar I3
INFO 101Computer Introduction3
MATH 107Pre-Calculus4
PHYS 101Applied Physics3
Total Credits17
Second Semester
Course No.Course TitleCourse Hours
ENGL 102Freshman English I3
MATH 108Math for Decision-Making4
FREN 102French Grammar II3
COMM 100Introduction to Communication3
COMM 120Media and Society3
PHYS 102Applied Physics II3
Total Credits19

Year 2

First Semester
Course No.Course TitleCourse Hours
ENGL 201Sophomore English I3
GEOG 101Global Issues in Technology3
COMM 220Radio and Television Industries3
COMM 210 Media Writing3
INFO 201Computer Concepts and Hardware4
Total Credits16
Second Semester
Course No.Course TitleCourse Hours
ENGL 202Sophomore English II3
COMM 234Film as a Medium3
COMM 222Ethics and Media Law3
COMM 202Acting 13
COMM 225Audio and Radio Production3
COMM 227Television and Studio Production3
Total Credits18

Year 3

First semester
Course No.Course TitleCourse Hours
COMM 339Film Making3
COMM 350Journalism3
COMM 226Video Production and Editing3
COMM 353Advance Audio Production3
COMM 351Radio Production Workshop3
COMM 364Voice and Speech Production3
Total Credits18
Second semester
Course No.Course TitleCourse Hours
COMM 310Announcing3
COMM 349Communication Research Method3
COMM 320Media Criticism 3
COMM 363Public Speaking3
COMM 370Acting II3
COMM 331Film Making II3
Total Credits18

Year 4

First semester
Course No.Course TitleCourse Hours
COMM 425Television Workshop3
COMM 420Broadcast Management3
COMM 431Screen Writing3
COMM 436Writing for Radio and Television3
COMM 416Documentary and Non Fiction3
COMM 411Radio News3
Total Credits18
Second semester
Course No.Course TitleCourse Hours
COMM 452Advance Broadcasting Journalism 3
COMM 424TV News3
INFO 491Capstone/ Final Project4
COMM 432Film Making III3
COMM 421Internship6
Total Credits19